101 Bright Ideas

101 Bright Ideas

Anyone who does not appreciate how creative, practical and downright funny teachers can be need only flick through the pages that follow. This collection of 101 Brilliant Ideas is a treasure trove of tried and tested ways to liven up lessons. Reprinted because of its popularity, it features ideas for classes of all ages in all the major subjects, with extra ones for those at the core of the curriculum.

Who would have thought of teaching infants maths by dancing the Macarena? Or using hairgel as fake snot in science and putting tea through a Liebig condenser? And what kind of mind thinks the best way to explain the safety limits of prophylactics to teenagers is to hold “a condom Olympics”. The answer, of course, is teachers. Too often their most creative work is hidden behind classroom doors. This guide of 101 Bright Ideas is a testament to the imagination and innovation of all the teachers who have sent in their ideas.

Michael Shaw TES pro Editor

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