How we support

Operam Education Group is a pledged based company, offering our resources and time regularly to schools, colleges, schemes and communities, underpinned by our ‘giving back’ culture.

We support candidates through an active approach of keeping them up to date with work and career opportunities, guiding them to fulfil their aspirations which is in keeping with a work / life balance.

We support our staff through several well-being initiatives, development plans, flexible working and opportunities to progress their careers. We encourage feedback through several regular mechanisms to improve where we can and foster a good team work culture for a supportive environment. Mentoring employees to help them see beyond what they thought was possible supports an innovative approach in which they exceed their potential. Developing and strengthening collaborative relationships with local education establishments whilst attracting the best candidates is achieved by high standards and an aspirational organisational culture.

Giving back pledge

Together making a difference

The purpose behind our pledge scheme is to make a tangible difference in our local communities by giving our resource and time to help others.

Giving back is one of OEG’s fundamental values; it is in our company culture to help others grow and achieve. So, not only do we do this through our own work opportunities but are extending it beyond to make a difference for individuals, groups and schemes in local communities. We encourage all our employees to come forward with ideas of how we can make a difference however, small it may be, so we are constantly contributing to peoples’ futures and quality of life.


Why we are proud

What we believe