What we believe

We believe every individual should have the opportunity to learn and every classroom should facilitate that learning in the most effective way possible. We understand the effectiveness of such learning is driven by teachers, ‘what a teacher is, is more important than what they teach’ Karl Menninger.

For over a decade, our focus has been to place education professionals in the right environment to stimulate learning opportunities within the classroom. The key starting point of this process is getting to know our candidates, their skill sets, personality, short- and long-term career goals and their personal circumstances. Building such relationships takes time, but we believe that it is what it takes to make the right judgement.

Together creating learning capacity in the classroom.

Finding the right person for the right job is our passion; developing capacity in the classroom is our goal. Watching people progress with support and guidance along their career pathway is what we do best.

We believe understanding our clients’ needs, challenges, internal culture and academic targets is equally as important. We have forged links across a large network of education professionals allowing us to satisfy today’s needs and support the talent pipeline to help shape future capacity of learning within the classroom.

For us, people are our most valuable asset, and success of the Operam Education Group brands depends on the success of our people. Developing, nurturing and mentoring individuals takes time, but we believe this is fundamental in order to provide a culture where careers flourish.

Why we are proud

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