Why we are proud

Finding the right person for the right job is our passion; developing capacity in the classroom is our goal.

Watching people progress with support and guidance along their career pathway is what we do best. For several decades Operam Education brands have been supporting people within the education profession to fulfil their career goals – providing the opportunity to learn, the potential to develop and the ability to succeed in their chosen path – this result drives our passion and injects us with pride every day.

Together creating your opportunity to teach.

Our staff are encouraged to be involved in education in and outside of working hours by actively volunteering in local schools. Building long-term relationships with schools and colleges, helps us to understand their needs in order to place the right candidates in the right roles.

Our main purpose is to facilitate the opportunity for individuals to learn within the classroom, this means placing the right teacher in the right classroom day after day.

What we believe

How we support