It is almost beyond belief that all our lives could dramatically change within a week. The impact of the Government’s measures to protect lives has been felt by all, but for education, it has resulted in a series of challenges that we now must work to meet, if we are to continue to support and educate our students to the best of our ability, under these circumstances.

Following, the announcement to close schools across the country and subsequent list of exemptions for children of ‘key workers’ last week, we have taken time to reflect, discuss and formulate an operational and support plan for our employees, candidates and clients.

We’d like to share some actions and decisions we’ve agreed upon, which first and foremost prioritise the wellbeing of every individual to ensure their safety.

  • Although our physical branches remain closed, our teams are working remotely so they have the right collaborative tools in place to take calls and provide supply cover for those schools that are open. Our teams are also undertaking video registrations and interviews. As a business which adapts to fluctuating demand, we will stay fully operational to meet the demands of all our stakeholders. 
  • We’ve been liaising with clients to assist them with their future workforce planning. Please continue to reach out to your local branch.
  • We have begun a candidate analysis process, liaising with candidates to understand their personal circumstances, in order to offer adequate support, as well as identify candidates who will remain available for classroom support.
  • We have partnered with ‘Nullam Wellbeing’ who are formulating a wellbeing programme for our teams during this difficult period.
  • We have set-up a support network for those candidates who are self-isolating, this includes a weekly wellbeing telephone call from their consultant. Already we have identified that different situations are naturally creating a range of personal challenges. Based on feedback, we are currently collating a list of ideas which may help to reduce the stress and tension currently being experienced, which we will share next week.
  • A high volume of candidates have shared their anxiety of future seclusion. We are therefore in the process of setting up a private Facebook group to encourage the connection of people within the sector and provide an opportunity to engage on various levels. 

As we all prepare for these challenging times, it is important not to lose sight of the fact that despite school closures, there  will be the need for the education community to have a forward thinking approach to the continued recruitment efforts required to meet the staffing demands, once schools are able to open their doors once again.

Amidst these unprecedented times we are hearing of heart-warming examples of communities coming together. We hope to play our part, not only in supporting our people, candidates and clients but sharing best practice in adapting to these challenging circumstances.

We will keep you regularly updated, in the meantime, please reach out to us with any concerns; no question is off-topic or too small, we are here to help.

Lastly, please take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay away where possible.  Be patient and kind. There is no better time to strengthen our bonds by connecting digitally to help each other through this storm and come out the other side stronger. 

Together supporting one another.



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