Mock Interviews @ Meden School, Mansfield – 17th July 2019


Meden School, Mansfield prides itself in providing every pupil with the best start in life, summarised by Emma Sims, BA(Hons) MA PGCE PGCTHE Head of School  “Our priorities are excellent examination outcomes, impeccable behaviour, great teaching and the widest possible range of extra-curricular experiences for all students. Together these things deliver what I think most parents want — happy children who leave school well-equipped to cope with the world outside and with a range of options open to them.”


In preparation for leaving school, career and mock interview days for Year 10 were organised. It was felt to be an ideal opportunity for Jade Powell, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Teachers UK, to support both the pupils and teachers in this endeavour. 


Jade utilised her vast expertise to devise over 20 questions in preparation to conduct mock interviews at the school.  The questions were carefully orchestrated to probe specific areas and help pupils reflect on their future career preferences; for example – working as part of a team, outdoor or indoor activity, as well as behavioural, competency and opinion questions.


Each interview took an average of 15 minutes, an observation section to record a pupil’s performance in terms of body language, engagement and confidence was included as well as their general responses. Post interview, Jade spent the time providing constructive feedback and advice to each pupil in order to improve their performance for the ‘real thing’.


Jade conducted over 20 interviews in one day; feeling a great sense of collaboration with the school, she explained “I found the day really rewarding and I could see how useful this process was to the students. It was really nice to see them feel more relaxed at the end of the interview opposed to how nervous they were when first meeting myself. It is nice to feel like I am helping out the students at such a vital time in their lives.”



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