Name:            Matt Smith

Position:         Cover Supervisor/Instructor

School:             Secondary

Matt Smith started his working career with an open mind but with the understanding that results come to those who work hard and adapt to circumstances. Matt was willing to make the necessary sacrifices to build a successful career and a secure future for his family.


So, in 1998, when a trainee chef opportunity arose with the Holiday Inn, Matt grasped it with both hands and started a very successful career path within the hospitality industry.  Matt soon realised he not only possessed good communication skills, but enjoyed interacting with people; so, coupled his thirst for learning, he quickly switched his plans to attain a more managerial position within the hospitality sector.


Matt’s potential and desire for self-development didn’t pass un-noticed as he was soon propelled into a Management Trainee Programme and won Management Trainee of the Year with Sodexo. Hospitality positions he undertook included Duty Manager, Banqueting Manager and Hospitality Manager, providing a 5-star service at all the establishments he worked within. A particular favourite of Matt’s was his time at London Business School, which he enjoyed for over 3 years. 


Career success did come with sacrifices, as Matt’s positions were London based and his family where based in Nottingham, the weekly commute limited his personal time, and of course travel can become quite tiresome.


On reflection, Matt realised the most gratifying element of his role stemmed from the inductions, training, and assessment days he ran for his various teams, which led him to take decisive action. In 2010, Matt made the decision to return permanently to Nottingham and embark on a new career, which included some form of training.


Opting to take a year out to re-evaluate can be a daunting experience for most, but for Matt his attitude of adapting to circumstances led him to unveil some exciting opportunities.   In 2011, Matt began a new position working for the DBS, he studied vigorously to attain the necessary qualifications to re-train adults and help individuals return to work.  For 3 years, he thrived with the satisfaction he was teaching, supporting and assisting adults, at varying ages, with their career choices.  


Matt’s time with the DBC came to a close when essential funding was removed, but he wasted no time in creating his CV and exploring further training opportunities.   A call from Jade at Teachers UK assured him there were ideal positions that suited his experience and qualifications.


Following registration with Teachers UK, a sequence of placements for supervisor, instruction and teaching assignments within secondary schools, soon established Matt as a dependable, hands-on and flexible individual.  His working experience enabled him to tackle the most challenging of situations, as he was soon assigned to some tough Alternative Provision Providers; as usual Matt took the daily challenges in his stride.


It’s almost 4 years now since Matt took his first teaching placement, which was a science lesson! Matt’s speciality subject is Creative Media, as well as teaching IT at A level but his ‘can do’ attitude has plunged him into unfamiliar subjects that he seamlessly adapts to, with good planning of course.


At the beginning of Matt’s career, he was keen to work hard, learn and adapt; his decisions and success have led him to an unforeseen place of job satisfaction and inspiration.  He practically admits “you can’t inspire every single child, but if I can contribute to their learning, trigger their motivation and help them to understand knowledge is key to progression, then this satisfies me far more than any award I’ve received.” 


Matt has enormous gratitude and loyalty to Teachers UK, particularly Jade, for continual support throughout the years but it appears the accolade is mutual, as Matt is a highly regarded individual who strives to exceed expectations at every level.


If you are ready for a career change, need time to reflect and readjust for the future, take some time to re-evaluate your skills as Matt did; the future is always in your hands.



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