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Joanne is a veteran when it comes to interaction with youngsters, with her experience spanning over 16 years working in a private day nursery, her vocation has been unwavering.   Responsibilities at day nurseries are very much centred around the care of babies and toddlers, divided into meals, play and rest. Paperwork, including the detailed recordings of individual development are vital to the parent’s awareness of their child’s advancement and as such require meticulous attention to detail. 

Joanne’s period at the private nursery came to an end when the nursery was unfortunately closed in March 2019, a sad event but as one door closed another opened!  Joanne was already familiar with Teachers UK and decided to make a spontaneous call; her enquiry was met with enthusiasm and optimism from Louise, who assured her there were excellent options to explore and widen her career.

A slight change in direction led to Joanne becoming a supply teaching assistant, maximising her experience with young children, yet opening up the opportunity for Joanne to develop herself, she quickly adapted, commenting “the first few weeks were a huge learning curve for me, the switch from care to learning had significant differences”.  Joanne was keen to broaden her experience and opted to accept day to day supply assignments. Although this mainly involved short notice of less than 24 hours, it suited her circumstances; a natural organiser and planner Joanne could quickly coordinate her placements.

The pressure and challenge of teaching are quite evident for those working in the teaching environment, but as Joanne explained the rewards are enormous “every day you witness the progression of children in their interaction; innocent and spontaneous reactions to learning can be both entertaining and massively rewarding”.

Joanne has gained enormous experience at primary and special needs schools in a relatively short period of time, she’s looking forward to another year to broaden her development and experience further.

A strong advocate of the teaching profession, Joanne highly recommends a career within education and believes skills developed within the care sector are easily transferable.  If you have the slightest inclination teaching could be for you, Joanne strongly recommends you opt to volunteer a couple of days a week in a school providing general support or assistance to observe first-hand the classroom environment, the pressure, challenges and most importantly, experience those magical moments of realising you are contributing to a child’s learning development.



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