COVID-19 Winter Plan

With the second lockdown restrictions lifting, there may be some confusion on what this means for schools. We have complied some information designed to help you give clarity to the COVID-19 winter plan and how these rules will affect school life.

  1. Schools will stay open and children will attend as usual, unless isolating, in all areas from the 2nd of December onwards. Schools will be exempt from gathering limits for supervised activities, including before and after school activities.
  2. Holiday dates won’t change, schools will stay open until their intended end of term dates; children should not be taken out of school early.
  3. ‘Education settings’ used as pilot testing sites as an alternative to self-isolation (for people who have been in contact with someone with COVID-19), will be offered regular tests and will only have to self-isolate if positive. Liverpool will be the first area to test this approach, with ‘institutional settings’ such as NHS and care homes to follow.
  4. Rapid testing will be supplied to local authorities for those tier 3 areas.
  5. The government will provide advice for extremely vulnerable people on how they can protect themselves in each tier.


This is just a few of the new government regulations to be introduced with the easing of lockdown but there will be more to come over the next week and we will do our best to keep you up to date.  If you have found this helpful, please do like and share to let others know.

To find out more government information on COVID-19. Follow this link here to the government website.