Anita Primary School Teacher

Anita’s vision to become a primary school teacher started as young as she can remember, despite the challenges of teaching, it’s a passion that has never diminished but grown stronger year by year; she’s never had an inclination to change her mind.

Teaching for over 12 years, Anita trained as a primary teacher within mainstream schools and thrived within the environment; attaining all the career satisfaction she’d expected.  Anita described the immense job satisfaction she draws from working as a primary school teacher and said, “When you work in a primary school you have the job satisfaction of knowing that you have made a difference each day.”

For some, the passion for teaching is being eroded by bureaucratic policy and stress, but there are ways to navigate through the challenges and pressures within the classroom.  Anita offers some insightful advice for those considering a teaching career as a primary school teacher, which has undoubtedly placed her in a position of balance that’s protected her teaching commitment:

  • “Early on in your career find a way of working efficiently and accept that you will never complete your to do list. Just prioritise what absolutely has to be done and what can wait for another time.
  • Take the time to train your TA (if you are lucky to have one); this relationship can be key to the success of your students.
  • Try and find work / life balance; look for a school that encourages this and set yourself boundaries
  • Save all your resources; you never know when you will need them in the future.“

Anita is one of the most experienced primary school teachers and often offers advice to our yearly intake of NQTs; she always emphasises the importance of taking time to relax at the weekend to feel revitalised on a Monday.

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