TA Success Stories

Lisa G – Case Study

Lisa had no previous experience of working in a school setting as she had been working for a number of years as a photographer and was therefore unsure of what to expect in the classroom.  After an initial conversation Lisa showed that she had the appropriate attitude and application to be successful in the classroom. However, the overwhelming sense of anxiety made Lisa feel that she could not consider a role supporting pupils and duly considered giving up on any role in education.

Lisa clearly needed support in developing her confidence and her own knowledge of what happens in the classroom. Lisa agreed to attend the Teaching Assistant course delivered by Peter O’Brien. This course provided Lisa with a valuable insight into the practices and theories of supporting Teaching and Learning in the classroom. Most importantly, the course gave Lisa full in-depth practical explanations of what she could expect in her role and what strategies to implement when supporting both the pupil and the teacher. The impact of the course gave Lisa a renewed confidence and she was happy to take up a role in the classroom.

Lisa is now working at a Primary school where she was initially booked for a week in March. The feedback from the school has been outstanding and they have fully invested in Lisa which has resulted in her being asked to stay in her position until the end of the 2023 academic year. Such was the impact Lisa had in the school that she was asked to interview for a permanent position in the Primary school and was duly successful, she will now take up this position after working her 12 weeks for us.

Sam H – Case Study

Sam H registered with ourselves having had no previous classroom experience. Sam had expressed to us that he was looking for a career change and had decided on one as a Teaching Assistant. He was however struggling to find a long-term role due to his lack of experience and realised he needed to develop his knowledge of the role further. To coincide with this a Primary school in Huyton expressed how they would only be interested in him for a trial day if he could develop his knowledge of the TA role.

Sam agreed to participate in our internal Teaching Assistant course delivered by Peter O’Brien. Sam was not only able to gain the appropriate knowledge to fulfil the needs of the TA role but he was given strategies to support the schools needs for One to One support. Sam was able to reflect and review on what he learnt during the course and was able to use this in his trail day with the school, particularly with the variety of SEND children he worked with during his time there.

Sam was able to impress the school during his trial period and was asked back by the school for further support for the pupils he had previously worked with. Since then, the feedback from the school about Sam has been excellent with the school impressed with his attitude and level of support for the pupils and teachers. Sam has been able to build a great relationship with the child he is supporting on a One-to-One basis and has since been booked into this school until at least the end of the summer term.

Ben – Case Study

We originally saw Ben’s CV on a job board as he had a Diploma of Higher Education in English and Creative Writing, so we were initially going to speak to him about the possibility of working in secondary schools as either a Cover Supervisor or Exam Invigilator. However, after speaking with Ben we learned that he only wanted to work in a Primary school setting.

We decided to register Ben and he agreed to this on the account that he would receive some training for the Primary sector.

We suggested to Ben that it would be appropriate to attend our Teaching Assistant course, run by Operam Education’s Education Manager, Pete O’Brien. Ben attended the course on the 10th of February 2023, and was subsequently cleared for work on the 9th March 2023.

Ben was fully enthused by the TA course and was very keen to experience a role in the classroom. His first booking was a day-to-day role in a SEND provision within a primary school, where we received excellent feedback. After this Ben was requested back to continue for the remainder of that week due to the impression he had made with the school and pupils alike.

Ben started a Teaching Assistant role on the 17th of April 2023 and instantly received excellent feedback. We then received a reference request from the school towards the beginning of May as he had been successful in securing a permanent role with the school.

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