TA Testimonials

Job Satisfaction

“I’m into my second year of being a Teaching Assistant, it’s been a huge transitional career change and I absolutely love it!  The job satisfaction of supporting children with their early years learning is incredible.  Good communication is vital not just with your pupils, but with teachers too – I remember this being emphasised during the course and until you’re in the classroom you don’t realise just how vital it is.” Jenny Kelp

Team Support

“I’ve had several different Teaching Assistants positions, and really enjoyed the different cultures and different schools.  I’ve now settled into a SEND Primary School position which suits me, although pupil behaviour can be challenging, the support amongst the whole teaching team is very strong.  I would never have thought I’d come this far, in just 12 months post the course.” Anna Stump 

Rewarding Role

“Being a Teaching Assistant is such a rewarding role, supporting children, teachers and even parents.  Every day is different, there’s one-one support, there’s planning and group work. It’s such a rewarding role.” Primary TA Belinda Cox

Confident TA

“I never thought I would have the confidence to support teachers in the classroom, it felt such a big responsibility, but I’ve now been a TA for 12 months, and love it. Support children, particularly the quiet ones and helping them to learn is so satisfying – it’s a great job and you get summer holidays off!” Sarah Jotter

SEND Support

“I’ve been a TA for 4 years, but only went on the OEG course last year, it really helped me to improve how I manage pupil behaviour which is key for SEND pupils and the area I wanted to support.  It’s incredibly rewarding when you can break through communication barriers to help a child learn, the more you understand the bigger the impact.” Jackie Pillar

Unmeasurable Satisfaction

“Being a Teaching Assistant is the most rewarding job I’ve ever had, after decades of office work, I wish I had transitioned sooner. It’s not always easy, you have to be very organised, and multi-task.  You need to be a very good listener both with pupils and teachers, but the rewards are unmeasurable when you witness a child raising the hand in class for the first time – wow!” Bev Cheadle

Rewarding & Enjoyable

“I feel extremely lucky to have found the perfect TA role with primary pupils.  After my course I did several supply assignments mixture of secondary and SEND, which were all great but when I found myself at local primary school, the culture was perfect for my personality.  It’s very rewarding and enjoyable, but you do work hard and need to plan in advance all the time.” Gerry Duncan

Improved Confidence

“Being a TA has helped my overall confidence, and really changed my life. I learnt a lot on the course about communication and the importance of listening, I practice this outside the classroom too.” John Price


“I never thought I would enjoy being a TA as much as I do, initially it was an escape from unemployment but 18 months later – I’m progressing myself as well as my pupils, the course gave me an opportunity, I’m so grateful.” Kate Jackson


“I’ve been a SEND TA for 12 months and cannot express enough how much satisfaction you get every day.  It’s hard work at times, but being able to break down communication barriers gives you purpose.” Joe Talbot

Pete O’Brien Education Manager

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