World Braille Day

World Braille Day is an opportunity to raise awareness of the issues impacting those who are blind or visually impaired within our society. The invention of braille has transformed accessibility for those with visual impairments and promotes equal opportunities. It is hoped that by highlighting the methods which we can implement to support those who are blind, the world will make greater attempts to promote inclusion.

It is important for children to celebrate World Braille Day as it signifies inclusion and diversity. It is important that children become aware that people are different and unique, gaining an awareness of varying needs and requirements. Through celebrating World Braille Day, it helps children raise important questions about additional needs and expands their knowledge of different people in our society. It is also a good way of raising money to help charities that support the blind and visually impaired. It can be difficult for children to empathise with those who are different to themselves, by introducing simple activities that show them first-hand what the world is like to live with the loss of sight it can develop their ability to support others.


Here is a range of resources to support children in celebrating World Braille Day. Look at these activities supplied by Twinkl for lesson inspiration.