10 reasons/tips on teacher CPD

10 reasons/tips on teacher CPD over the summer.

10 reasons/tips on teacher CPD should get you thinking how you can plan some time over the summer to get ahead. Ofsted states that teacher CPD needs to be “aligned with the curriculum, and the extent to which this develops teachers’ content knowledge and teaching content knowledge over time.  So that they are able to deliver better teaching for pupils.” It needs to be outcome focused and benefit the end result which is being an effective teacher.

10 reasons/tips on teacher CPD

  1. It’s part of your registration process.
  2. You can be at an advantage when applying for jobs: supply or permanent.
  3. You become a better teacher.
  4. It can re-energise you and set you up for the new term.
  5. Term time can be pressured and it may be be difficult for you to carry out CPD depending on your role. A few allotted days over the summer can take the pressure off you.
  6. It’s your responsibility to teach all children in your class so keep up to date on topics like autism and exam anxiety.
  7. So many language changes in our society means that some terms once used to address children are now to be avoided. For example, ‘guys’ is no longer acceptable. See our guide to promoting gender neutrality in the classroom by clicking here
  8. Some CPD course are free or can be accessed at reduced price, click here to view.
  9. Keep your CPD records up to date to include the time you’ve spent and what your learning outcomes were. You can access our free CPD recording forms and calculator via our client portal to make it easy for you.
  10. Always plan how you will translate what you have learnt into the classroom and note it down. This makes it meaningful, focuses on pupil outcome and helps you track your learning progress.

To read more about 10 reasons/tips on teacher CPD over the summer and government guidance on CPD, click here