OEG since its beginning was built on its set of values and conscientiousness of social and environmental considerations. Fundamental to its foundation has been to ensure its delivery of high operational standards for the benefit of its employees, clients, candidates, partners, and its Board, but most of all for the pupils and students who benefit from OEG’s purpose: to increase learning capacity in the classroom.

Creating and monitoring environmental, social, and governance factors is on-going and yet OEG has an extensive portfolio of projects, developments, and processes to illustrate their performance against the ESG criteria. Download and read our quarterly ESG report – click here


Together being proactive to conserve the planet

  • Utilities Efficiency
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Responsible Supplier Partnerships
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Pollution


Together being socially and ethically responsible 

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Health & Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Ethical Support & Giving Back
  • Client Responsibility
  • Candidate Responsibility Child Protection


Together operating ethically and transparently whilst ensuring compliance

  • Business Ethics
  • Compliance
  • Board Independence
  • Executive Compensation
  • Corporate Transparency

Future Goals

OEG is committed to striving for improvements that ultimately benefit those in or supporting education, including OEG’s workforce and local communities.

  • To continue to create teaching capacity in the classroom through the provision of high-quality teaching staff.
  • To help narrow the attainment gap experienced by the pandemic hit school generation.
  • To support the communities in which we live and work in, through our resource, time, and expertise.