Become A Tutor

You could be a part of something great by helping pupils take strides in their progress after disruption to their learning and widening academic attainment gap amongst the disadvantaged. Job satisfaction is guaranteed as well as excellent training provided by experts, with good rates of pay.

Ideally you will have experience of teaching in a primary school as a teacher, a higher level teaching assistant, teaching assistant, have tutoring experience or be an ECT looking for a different role; you may even be a teacher who is looking to return to the profession.

You will need to be willing to work face to face with pupils in school settings and be motivated to make a real difference by working with them in small groups.

Working is flexible, but you will need to be available for at least 15 weeks, however, it is envisaged that this initiative will run over the next 2 years and therefore long-term opportunities exist. This is an amazing tutoring role allowing you to learn from industry experts and gain a real sense of job satisfaction, delivering an established and successful literacy programme.

All tutor applicants will be subject to our usual high standards of the recruitment process, including full background and employment checks, interviews, references and DBS clearance.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Oversee the overall tutoring project for assigned school and selected pupils
  • Collect required data for the project
  • Implement methods for data quality assurance
  • Write reports on implementation as needed with relevant data and information
  • Assist in administrative duties related to assigned school(s) and the project
  • Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve pupil and school objectives
  • Adhere to all policies and protocols of the school and Operam Education Tutoring

If you’d like to discuss current options call 0330 335 8272 or email tutoring@operam-education.co.uk

About Tutor Training

All training is conducted by the Fischer Family Trust, who will also be providing access to online materials needed for the ‘Tutoring with Lightning Squad’ programme. This is an amazing tutoring role allowing you to learn from industry experts and gain a real sense of job satisfaction delivering an established and successful literacy programme.

A preparatory online session lasting 2 to 3 hours will be completed prior to your engagement with the detailed 1-day course. The course, facilitated by trainers from the Fischer Family Trust, will involve on-line learning in conjunction with Zoom group learning for an interactive approach. The course content consists of experiential learning (so you can get to know from the child’s perspective how to navigate through the exercises), familiarisation of materials, assessment training, tutor- checks, set-up instructions and technical know-how.

All materials and content are provided including training materials such as a User guide, Participation book, along with course content in hard copies for your easy access when tutoring begins.

Continued support will be accessed via weekly check-in sessions, giving you the opportunity to ask questions, as well as a helpline for technical support open between 8.30am to 4pm (Monday – Friday) by telephone on 01446 776262 or email tutoring@fft.org.uk.


I am enjoying doing quality teaching and going home and feeling I am making a difference without the demands of lessons plans and marking. It is a pleasure to be involved in such a well organised, established programme, which the children love.

About the Lightning Squad Tutoring Programme

Alongside a tutor, pupils work in two cooperative pairs, taking turns as ‘Reader’ and ‘Coach’. The tutoring is a blended approach with in-person tutoring supported by an online tutoring platform. Tutoring activities are designed to improve reading skills, fluency, comprehension, spelling and phonics. Pupils work through 65 specially written, engaging and illustrated stories.

Most pupils spend 12 weeks working on the tutoring programme to catch-up their reading skills, with daily 30-minute tutoring sessions in school (4 pupils working with a tutor). Research has demonstrated that pupils using Tutoring with the Lightning Squad make learning gains of between 3 and 5 months in reading attainment.

About assessment and outcomes

An online pupil reading assessment will enable tutors and classroom teachers to decide on suitable pairings and at what point in the programme they should start. Regular checks are carried out by the tutor, who decides when the pair are ready to move on to the next story in the tutoring programme.

The Fischer Family Trust provide online reports for tutors, teachers and school leaders which monitor pupils’ progress and reading attainment, which include words learnt, reading age and reading fluency. A letter will be generated detailing the pupil’s progress which the tutor and school need to send home to parents. Provided reports will also help schools to monitor the impact of the tutoring on pupils’ reading skills and development.

About the Fischer Family Trust

The Fischer Family Trust was established in 2001 and is a non-profit organisation. They provide accurate and insightful information to schools to enable both pupil and schools to progress. FFT’s Aspire online system, used by 13, 600 clients in the UK, analyses data in order to set aspirational targets for pupils to reach and to offer insights to schools who can map required improvements to support learning targets.