10 tips to promote gender equality in the classroom

It’s LGBT history month, so we thought we would remind you about ways of promoting gender equality in the classroom.

Facilitating awareness and learning regarding equality with different gender identities is important for pupils throughout various stages of their student lives. Here we have provided you with 10 tips and ideas to guide you through promoting gender equality in the classroom.

  1. Ensure educational materials are free from gender stereotypes.
  2. Challenge expectations of professions typically associated with a particular gender, for example include a female construction worker or soldier and a male secretary or nurse.
  3. Avoid the term ‘guys,’ which may make female students feel excluded, use gender-neutral pronouns like ‘everyone.’
  4. Do not refer to stereotypical characteristics like ‘boys don’t cry’ or ‘girls don’t fight’ which limits understanding of gender roles.
  5. Address phrases like ‘you play like a girl’ or ‘man up,’ and point out the gender implications of these statements and help find alternative phrasing.
  6. Avoid segregating boys and girls into separate lines, separate sports activities and mix seating up in the classroom.
  7. Ensure any educational materials used show genders in equal measure.
  8. Mix boys and girls to work on projects together.
  9. Explore gender concepts and roles from different communities.
  10. Help students identify instances of gender bias, through awareness activities or historical events, laws and cultural changes.