Big Schools’ Birdwatch

What it is the Big Schools’ Birdwatch?

Did you know that from the 6th of January to the 20th of February, you can be a part of the Big Schools’ Birdwatch? Firstly, the big birdwatch is a national event that takes place annually to log numbers of birds that have been observed around the country. It is important information that the RSPB records and analyses to find out about birds in the UK. It can indicate which birds are in decline for example or about habits and behaviour that may alter due to climate change.

What do teachers need to do?

If your class or school wants to take part, you can find out more, register and access free resources via the RSPB’s website, by clicking here

You could also tell children about it so they could take part at home with their families. However, basically participants will need to watch birds for one hour. This can be in a park, your schools’ grounds or your students own gardens. Whilst watching, you need to count how many of each species of bird lands on your patch. You then report your findings online on the RSPB website.

Why should your class join in?

Watching birds helps everyone to connect with nature which improves well-being. It’s a free activity that works well, mixing individual tasks as well as group work. Teachers and T.A.s will find it easy to make it adaptable to all ages and abilities. It could introduce pupils to a new hobby and increase their knowledge of birds. Teachers could link this to other topics like climate change and its effects.

You can also join a live lesson with BBC Teach on 26 January 2023, about the Big Schools’ Birdwatch.