Exam Invigilator Course

Exam Invigilator Course
This course covers the main areas associated with exam invigilation. The simple aim is to improve the quality of training for new invigilators. This will improve invigilation within the exam room, which in turn reduces the likelihood of candidate malpractice, and improves the conditions under which all candidates undertake their examinations.

Course content includes:

  1. The Role of an invigilator
  2. Preparing for examinations
  3. Accommodation
  4. At the beginning of the exam
  5. Starting the exam
  6. During the exam
  7. Finishing the exam
  8. Resources within the exam
  9. Access arrangements
  10. Word Processors
  11. Contingency Planning & Emergencies
  12. People in and out of the examination
  13. What makes a golden invigilator?

For more information regarding future training dates please email info@keystagesupply.co.uk