Further Education Supply Teacher – Digital

Technology is an invaluable resource that is being used more and more; it is important as a Further Education supply teacher to explore what is available that you could utilise to teach your specialism to enhance student experience and learning.

  • Check with colleagues in your department what they use specifically in your subject.
  • Ask the wider teaching community; are there generalised digital learning platforms that are helpful?
  • Keep your eyes open when reading or attending journals/ conferences/training as they can often reference new technological information/new digital platforms.
  • If you decide to use new technology, always give it a trial run as though you are a student to help avoid any pitfalls and to understand the student experience of using it.
  • If you plan to use technology as part of lesson make sure you have a backup if it goes wrong, even if you’ve done a trial, it could still go wrong during the lesson!
  • Do not assume everyone will have the same skill set when introducing it, especially if you teach a mixed age group.
  • Do you need to do a teaching session first? Explain how you see it being used, how it compliments face to face teaching and may be even the drawbacks if there are any.
  • Outline the parameters when they should use it and when they should not.
  • Also check everyone is able to use it and how they are finding it – do this on a regular basis.

It’s becoming common for a  Further Education supply teacher join an online forum to keep up to date with general teaching trends and digital trends, so it may be worth doing some research to find a suitable forum.

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