Life after Leadership: 2

Life after Leadership: part 2

Here we introduce you to our next podcast episode – Life after Leadership: 2, the follow-up to our earlier Life after Leadership. Our interviewee, is Gay Wales, an experienced leader of strategic change who is passionate about delivering engaging, relevant, inquiry-based education. In addition, she has a strong emphasis on individual needs and the development of holistic skills for the future of work. Gay consistently initiated the building of inspired, connected teams and improved the opportunities for senior and junior school students. Furthermore, her 13 years of practical experience in the business world also led Gay to develop her career in transformational leadership.

What we cover in this episode

In this episode, having recently moved to the UK from her native Australia, Gay shares her journey, lessons, and advice. In addition, she looks at what the future holds now, as she has stepped away from the principal’s office.

Gay is passionate about making a difference with a broader lens and has a huge amount to offer in this episode. We cover a lot of ground including the following:

  • How does Gay describe herself as a leader vs. how would others describe her?
  • A key element in Gay’s past recruitment process that helped make great hires.
  • The catalyst that ignited Gay’s education career.
  • Gay’s experience with starting a private senior school in Australia.
  • The personal journey that taking a break from leadership has allowed Gay to embark on.
  • The one change in who’s making the decisions that would make all the difference.
  • Essential advice for aspiring leaders.

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