New study on Impact of Covid-19

Everyone has been aware of the massive impact that Covid-19 has had on pupils in terms of education and well-being, but little has been understood about the ways in which different groups of students have been affected. This study reported on 62,000 pupils throughout 2020 and we have summarised the conclusions here:

  • Pupils’ well-being remained stable during lockdown 1, scoring on average 23 out of a 35- point scale.
  • Remote learning was more challenging for pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • Years 10 and 11 reported having most difficulty with motivation to learn and develop a routine at home; motivation to learn did not improve when they returned to school.
  • Girls reported a 10% greater anxiety than boys about returning to school and twice as many girls to boys reported feeling anxious about returning to school.
  • Schools reported that children who struggled most during lockdown were not pupils that had been identified as being vulnerable before.

Down load article here https://drive.google.com/file/d/19tcaSSfyxzTXWjBlj8LsgtJM-frrfbXu/view