NQTs and Career Progression

We have multiple opportunities for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) here at Key Stage Teacher Supply.

We know that your first year of teaching is a very busy one, and that you will still be developing your subject knowledge, teaching style and methods of planning and assessment. However, there is no harm in thinking about what comes next, and career progression does not have to be something for the distant future. Teachers who are pro-active about moving on to leadership early in their careers can move up the ladder very rapidly

For all you Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs) who were lucky enough to secure positions this year (or last year) and who now have an eye to the future, here are a few tips:

  • Never forget your core purpose, which is high quality teaching and learning, and keep that in mind in every conversation with student. parents and staff. Teachers who are focused on excellence will make a favourable impression on everyone they encounter in school.
  • Work hard, but be happy! It is important to be resilient if you are to progress to a leadership position.
  • Seek opportunities to speak publicly to adults (not just children!) This will not go unnoticed, as it shows you are willing to take on the more potentially unnerving aspects of a leadership role.
  • Take your development seriously. Consider starting an extra-curricular club, take advice from experienced colleagues, join a governing body and start to read about leadership – taking care to balance all this with your teaching commitments.

Here at Key Stage Teacher Supply, we are always keen to place NQTs in their first long-term position, as we have done so for hundreds of candidates over the years. To find out more about registration and the work we have available, call Catherine on 01254 507210.

Why register with us?

  • Work/life balance – you choose when and where you want to work
  • Day to day, short/long term contracts and permanent positions
  • The chance to enhance your experience and opportunities
  • Excellent hourly rates of pay
  • Friendly consultants, always at the end of the phone

We have great relationships with more than 300 schools and nurseries, and we are regarded as the ‘Go to Agency’. Our candidates are so popular with our client schools that they’re often requested back by name, and even offered long-term and permanent positions.

Over 80% of our candidates were recommended to join Key Stage Teacher Supply by people who already work with us. That says it all.

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