Skills of Primary School Teachers

Top 10 Characteristics & Skills of Primary School Teachers

Excellent communication skills are the foundation of an effective primary school teacher; remember it’s not just about relaying instructions, it’s about listening to children, which is a key skill of primary school teachers.

Classroom management is a fundamental skill of any primary school teacher, particularly with younger primary school children. Good organisation and ability to prioritise, will help control a classroom of excitable children.

An abundance of energy will help any primary school teacher not only get through the day, but teach with enthusiasm; that’s why it’s so important to take the time to recharge your batteries.

Patience is always needed with young children, but working as a primary school teacher, you need an extra dose of patience; for many children it will be a case of ‘try, and try again’ until they’ve grasped what you are teaching them.

A good sense humour is an asset for any individual but particularly so when working as a primary school teacher. Children can be so innocent in their questions and unpredictable in their actions!

A natural observer with good judgement will help you identify any child with a problem, whether that be physical or psychological, you will have the opportunity to prevent an issue effecting a child’s life before it’s too late.

A primary school teacher should have a flexible approach and be able to adapt a planned lesson at any time to accommodate unforeseen circumstances.

A primary school teacher should believe that children can manage anything they set their minds to; this means constantly challenging children to be better than they were in the previous lesson, enabling them to achieve and believe in themselves.

Caring attitude
A primary school teacher will have many hats to wear in the classroom, wiping away tears, cleaning a grazed knee or tying a shoelace; all to be done with care and patience.

A talent scout
Primary school teachers understand that children can all be shiny little stars if they are given the right roles and responsibilities. Identifying a special talent in a child’s early years and encouraging them can allow for that talent to be nurtured.

We’re sure there are many more skills of primary school teachers – the list is no doubt endless!

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