Summer School Transition Programme

Transition Programme
At Key Stage Teacher Supply we recognise that schools will be reflecting and wondering how best to prepare on how the most vulnerable pupils are going to make up for their lost learning and progression due to COVID disruption. Pupils leaving primary school this year may have missed a significant proportion of key stage 2, face-to-face teaching and therefore missed valuable preparation for secondary education. They are likely to need additional support with English, amongst other subject areas.

Many secondary schools across the region have not yet fully planned their learning strategy to reduce the impact for those pupils that will be in transition. Although the importance of a catch-up programme is recognised as an essential tool to improve academic achievement, it takes time to plan and organise.

This is where we can help and make it easy for you! We’ve partnered with Success For All UK, the internationally recognised education intervention and support charity, to provide both a transitional programme with structured content and resource to help schools within the region open their doors this summer and reach out to pupils who need extra learning and enrichment support.

We have an available community of teachers and support staff who are familiar with the primary to secondary transition preparation; if you’d like to discuss how your school and pupils can benefit, please feel free to contact us on 01257 240960 or email enquiries@keystagesupply.co.uk. In the meantime, here is a summary of the transitions support programme.

Transition Programme
• Structured content provided with built-in baseline assessment
• Content is pitched to right level for each student.
• Structured lessons provide continuity of approach and delivery.
• All areas of Literacy are covered
• Stimulating activities and resources that engage every level of ability
• Working in small groups supports the mental health of students and fosters co-operative learning

The programme is a highly successful intervention strategy and is designed to impact quickly on student learning and transition. The DfE have committed to a series of funding initiatives that could off-set the cost of our transition support programme.