Teaching Positions – Interview skills

Teaching Positions – Interview skills for teachers
Interviews for teaching posts come in several forms, but are always tough, rigorous and – above all – nerve-wracking for the interviewee.  The internet is full of hints and tips for interview success, some of which are contradictory. The links below are focused specifically on education jobs, and are particularly useful.

This interactive mock-interview is particularly handy, as the answers you choose lead to a variety of related follow-up questions. Really good for thinking through possible questions and preparing yourself.


This Guardian article is an amusing but very sensible source of advice, and there are links to interesting related articles:


The basic message to take away from these and other sources of advice is to prepare thoroughly and stay calm, and it’s hard to imagine going too far wrong if you do. Best of luck, we hope you found this article teaching positions interview skills useful.

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Working with Key Stage:

Keep in touch: Communication is our most important tool. You need to know what’s going on and when, and so do we. The quicker you give us your availability, the quicker we can sort out your next assignment.

Dress the part: First impressions are important, so no jeans, leggings or shorts, and male teachers should wear a shirt and tie. And, of course, no mobiles in the classroom.

Getting there: Arrive by 8.30am unless otherwise notified. This gives you chance to find out about school routines and relevant policies and procedures.

Who are you? Always carry your Key Stage ID card for security purposes and please take a current Enhanced DBS Certificate, along with proof of identification (ie driving licence or passport) to show on your first day.

Time is money: Submit a timesheet (either online or paper) for each day.  Get it signed & approved by the school and delivered to us before 10am the following Monday.  Failure to submit on time may delay your payment.

Pay day:  Payments for the previous week are weekly into your Bank or Building Society account by BACS.  Key Stage Teacher Supply accrues a proportion of your daily / hourly rate each week, to be paid to you as holiday pay, to comply with EU legislation. The figure will be clearly shown on your payslip. You will be paid by our own in-house PAYE facility.

Tax and National Insurance: Income tax and National Insurance will be deducted each week and paid to HMRC.

Safety first: Remember that you’re responsible for the health and safety of the pupils — and yourself. Don’t do anything you’re not capable of or trained to do, and ask for instructions if using unfamiliar equipment.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself!